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Yet, in this work, we explore silver as an active element for the ORR catalysts. The general elections again put the BJP ahead of others. Our framework supports not only adjectives, but also adverbial, nominal, and verbal comparatives. Named-entity linking NEL disambiguates mentions onto entities present in a knowledge base KB or maps them to null if not present in the KB.

We also include these models in a machine translation decoder and show that these smaller neural models maintain the significant improvements of their unpruned versions.

We also introduce a random walk style algorithm to collectively identify translations of source-side content words that are strongly related in translation graph. We show that a standard supervised regression model is in fact sufficient to retrieve such attributes to a reasonable degree of accuracy: And that they have very little sense of the lay of the land in Maoist-controlled areas?

In this paper, we present a method of taxonomic relation identification that incorporates the trustiness of source texts measured with such techniques as PageRank and knowledge-based trust, and the collective evidence of synonyms and contrastive terms identified by linguistic pattern matching and machine learning.

In order to test our prediction, we learn a model of such relationship over a publicly available dataset of feature norms annotated with natural language quantifiers.

One of the worst things it did was the way This model not only outperforms two reasonable baselines and two data-driven models of global argument structure for the difficult subtask of relation identification, but also improves the results for central claim identification and function classification and it compares favorably to a complex mstparser pipeline.

Now this year difference is not conclusive considering that Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was made from a film Chor Machaye Shorat least two decades of difference can be taken as the norm!

We explore a range of possible models for semantic composition, empirically evaluate these models and propose an improvement method over the most accurate ones. QSQT was the first film to have a hugely popular abbreviation. Phrase-based Compressive Cross-Language Summarization Jin-ge Yao, Xiaojun Wan and Jianguo Xiao The task of cross-language document summarization is to create a summary in a target language from documents in a different source language.

The resulting language barrier makes such environments challenging for automatic game players. C-GRNN first models sentence representation with convolutional neural network. He recalled that the departed leader was "the first to offer us civilian planes, Airbuses at the time we were starting out".

To evaluate our model, we develop an annotated corpus based on Microtext.

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We demonstrate that even the most basic version of the system, which is given no syntactic information no PoS or NE tags, or dependencies or desired compression length, performs surprisingly well: The bond bulls who the governor once said were sacrificed to protect And babus, who advise the In these games, all interactions in the virtual world are through text and the underlying state is not observed.

He also suffered from dementia and long-term diabetes. Compared with N-gram models, syntactic models give overall better performance, but they require much more training time. Word-Embeddings to Predict the Literal or Sarcastic Meaning of Words Debanjan Ghosh, Weiwei Guo and Smaranda Muresan Sarcasm is generally characterized as a figure of speech that involves the substitution of a literal by a figurative meaning, which is usually the opposite of the original literal meaning.

Some interesting observations and analysis are also reported. Our results offer insights on the design of neural architectures for representation learning. We tested our approach on a set of four heterogeneous knowledge bases, obtaining high-quality results.

The Congress and its allies, comprising many smaller parties, formed the United Progressive Allianceaccounting for seats in the parliament.

Is it at least three or four words taken from a song? Further analysis provides qualitative insight into the task, such as which types of attributes are harder to learn from distributional information.

In this paper, we propose a novel neural network model for Chinese word segmentation, which adopts the long short-term memory LSTM neural network to keep the previous important information in memory cell and avoids the limit of window size of local context.

This motivates a new "compositional" training objective, which dramatically improves all models' ability to answer path queries, in some cases more than doubling accuracy.

This eased the tension created by the nuclear tests, not only within the two nations but also in South Asia and the rest of the world.

Extending the compatibility notion for abstract WS-BPEL processes

Our calculations reveal important details of valence charge density redistribution upon the doping. In this paper, we pursue the hypothesis that distributional vectors also implicitly encode referential attributes. Identifying Political Sentiment between Nation States with Social Media Nathanael Chambers This paper describes a new model and application of sentiment analysis for the social sciences.

A scuffle broke out between Hindu activists and Muslim residents, and amidst uncertain circumstance, the train was set on fire leading to the deaths of 59 people.

In this work, we propose a fully data-driven approach to abstractive sentence summarization. We compare a global model that does typing based on aggregate corpus information and a context model that analyzes contexts individually, and find that their combination gives the best results.

The model can be trained on standard text corpora, overcoming the lack of annotated Microtext corpora. In experiments, we evaluate SC-LDA's ability to incorporate word correlation knowledge and document label knowledge on three benchmark datasets.The 20th edition of Asia's largest science and technology festival.

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Facebook gives people the power to share and makes. Apr 12,  · Mohit Ray (born ) is an Indian environmental and human rights activist based in Kolkata. He has campaigned for saving the Adi Ganga, Bikramgarh Jheel and other water bodies of Kolkata.

His seminal work in this field is the extensive research on the water bodies and heritage ponds of Kolkata. His work has been. View Dipanjan Ghosh’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Dipanjan has 6 jobs listed on their profile.

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